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All Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure (APPGI)

The APPG on Infrastructure (APPGI) highlights the importance of economic infrastructure in the UK amongst parliamentarians, government and industry.

Please note:

Parliament has been dissolved and as such there are no longer MPs. Because of this, the APPG on Infrastructure no longer exists. We hope to return once the new Parliament is sitting.

The APPGI convenes those stakeholders in order to discuss how best to ensure society gets the infrastructure it needs. ICE is the official Secretariat for the APPGI.


What is the APPGI?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure (APPGI) is Parliament’s leading cross-party group dedicated to economic infrastructure in the UK.

Roles and purpose

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure (APPGI) is Parliament’s leading cross-party group dedicated to economic infrastructure in the UK.

In recent years, the APPGI has helped bring infrastructure to the forefront of the United Kingdom's politics.

From raising the profile of major infrastructure projects and their benefits amongst parliamentarians to advising the government on critical matters relating to the built environment, the APPGI is well established as a key forum for engaging parliamentarians in infrastructure policy issues.

The APPGI is chaired by former Treasury and Transport Minister Andrew Jones MP.

Supporting him as co-chair is Alan Brown MP, the former Shadow Spokesperson on Energy Security and Net Zero for the SNP.

We also have many Parliamentary members listed below.

Meet the Chair and Co-chair

Andrew Jones MP

Co-Chair of the APPG on Infrastructure, Member of Parliament for Harrogate and Knaresborough

Originally from Ilkley and educated locally at Bradford Grammar School and Leeds University, Andrew lives in Harrogate. Before being elected as Harrogate & Knaresborough's MP in 2010, Andrew worked in sales and marketing for Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate and other international companies.

Andrew has held ministerial positions in the Department for Transport and HM Treasury and supportive roles with the Department of Health and Social Care. In 2020 Andrew was elected to Chair the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure and is a member of the following APPGs - Transport across the North, Cricket, Apprenticeships and Equitable Life.

Andrew Jones MP

Alan Brown MP

Co-Chair of the APPG on Infrastructure, Member of Parliament for Kilmarnock and Loudoun

Alan is the Member of Parliament for Kilmarnock and Loudoun, representing the constituency he grew up in. He is the former the SNP Spokesperson Transport and former Spokesperson on Energy Security and Net Zero.

Before being elected in 2015, he was employed as a Civil Engineer. In terms of higher education, he attended Glasgow University, graduating with an Honours degree in Civil Engineering. He worked in the water sector for 21 years, both in the private and public sector and was most recently employed as a Principal Engineer before resigning to take up his position as MP. Prior to becoming an MP, he had also served as a local councillor for Ward 6, Irvine Valley in 2007 and had roles as Spokesperson for Planning, Housing, and Strategic Planning and Resources. He sits on a number of other cross-party groups, including Energy Storage, Energy Studies, and Rail which covered his Spokesperson portfolio as well as others, such as Chagos Islands and Palestine.

Alan Brown MP

APPGI members


Role Name Party Constituency
Chair &
Registered Contact
Andrew Jones MP Conservative Harrogate and Knaresborough
Co-Chair Alan Brown MP Scottish National Party Kilmarnock and Loudoun
Officer Stephen Hammond MP Conservative Wimbledon
Officer Baroness Blake of Leeds Labour N/A


Role Name Party
Member David Johnston MP Conservative
Member Gary Sambrook MP Conservative
Member Jack Brereton MP Conservative
Member James Grundy MP Conservative
Member Jamie Wallis MP Conservative
Member Jane Hunt MP Conservative
Member Katherine Fletcher MP Conservative
Member Lord Crathorne Conservative
Member Lord Haselhurst Conservative
Member Lord Naseby Conservative
Member Martin Vickers MP Conservative
Member Peter Gibson MP Conservative
Member Sir Peter Bottomley MP Conservative
Member Baroness Hooper Conservative
Member Lord Mair Crossbench
Member Lord Berkeley Labour
Member Baroness Young of Old Scone Labour
Member Chi Onwurah MP Labour
Member Beth Winter MP Labour
Member Judith Cummins MP Labour
Member Lilian Greenwood MP Labour
Member Lord Faulkner of Worcester Labour
Member Lord McNicol Labour
Member Olivia Blake MP Labour
Member Liz Twist MP Labour
Member Lord Taylor of Warwick Non-Affiliated
Member Ronnie Cowan MP SNP

Future events

  • Joint APPG on Infrastructure and National Infrastructure Commission Roundtable, 15 May 2024

Past events

  • APPGI AGM, 11 March 2024

This is not an official website of Parliament. It has not been approved by either House. APPGs are informal groups of Parliamentarians with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed are those of the group.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure, please contact the ICE policy team: