Ashley Best

Ashley Best

Temporary works design engineer at Balfour Beatty

Country United Kingdom

Specialisms Design, construction, project management

Career highlights

A day in my life

I ensure all temporary works design and checks are completed in a timely manner for the projects I’m involved with. This allows the site teams to plan, manage and execute their required temporary works, ensuring the permanent works are completed on time and budget.

My career inspiration 

My best friend, and later on in life my best man, and I discussed taking the same A-level subjects, both with the aim of going into construction. He’s now a planner and I’m a civil engineer.

Telford footbridge replacement from a  different angle

Telford footbridge replacement from a different angle


I’m a civil engineer, but I’m also  ... a husband and a daddy.

Ashley Best

Temporary works design engineer

What I love about being a civil engineer (that I didn’t know before I became one)

Working in a variety of sectors, including road, rail and structures, and the different constraints involved with each.

The civil engineering myth I’d like to bust

Design engineers and site engineers are the same and they perform the same duties.

I’d recommend a career in civil engineering because

It’s a very challenging but extremely rewarding career. Working on and completing a variety of projects including road, rail and structures, improves the communities within their vicinity and also helps the wider community in terms of investment and employment.

The project, past or present, I wish I'd worked on

I’d like to work on HS2 in the hope of the route eventually coming up to Yorkshire and into Leeds (where I live).

My favourite projects

Keadby Windfarm Construction

Sandsend Costal Protection Scheme

Scarborough Spa Slope Stabilisation

Tadcaster Bridge Emergency Works

Telford Footbridge Replacement

Warrington West Railway Station

ELOR Phase 1 Junction Improvement Works

Caernarfon Bypass Construction


At secondary school I achieved 5 Bs, 6 Cs and 1 D.

At college I achieved Ds in Business Studies and Maths, and an E in Physics.

At Nottingham Trent University I achieved a 2:1 in BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering, and started my career in 2005.

Other qualifications I have include NVQ Level 3 Site Technical Support, NVQ Level 5 Controlling Lifting Operations, Planning Lifts, and City & Guilds Level 2 Working in high-risk, confined spaces.

My hobbies

I’m keen to promote civil engineering within the community and to schools.

In 2017, I participated in the ICE Industrial Mentors scheme, which I found very rewarding, welcoming students to our Leeds office, followed by a site visit to Manhattan Gate Bridge construction, Middlesborough.

The most complex thing I’ve made out of Lego

Most recently, a Rapunzel Lego set. Building this with my four-year-old daughter was challenging, and took a lot longer than it should have.

Other than the above, I’ve built a mobile crane with working jib and ropes, which took several hours.

I want to become a civil engineer.

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