Daniel Savage

Daniel Savage

Country United Kingdom

Specialisms Project management, geotechnical, water

Career highlights

A day in my life

As country manager, no one day is the same with project management, administrative and financial skills continually called upon to manage a team of over 160 staff across multiple locations and disciplines, as well as several site offices.

The land business also integrates closely with the marine business to identify and mitigate risks and maximise stakeholder engagement, while looking to new technologies to deliver our services in the rapidly evolving construction market.

My career inspiration

My father. Helping him to fix things around the house, including the chimney! Civil engineering also seemed to be the most diverse of all the engineering disciplines, which I recognised would allow me to travel as part of my work

Seeing the Hoover Dam at 13 was also a big moment, as was climbing the Eiffel Tower a year later.


I’m a civil engineer, but I’m also  ... a husband, yoga teacher, diver and musician.

Daniel Savage

Country manager, Fugro Qatar Land

What I didn’t know about civil engineering before I joined the industry

That architects are heavily involved and integrated with engineers throughout the design process, as indeed they should be. I remember having to choose between the two professions before going to university and being torn between the two.

The civil engineering myth I’d like to bust

That at-grade roads (a stretch of road that’s level with the surrounding land) are not structures.

I’d recommend a career in civil engineering because

It’s the most diverse of the engineering disciplines with its chartership qualities being equally applicable to the many disciplines within it, as well as to many other related professions.

Along with infrastructure forming an intrinsic part of economic development, this breadth of expertise means the opportunities to broaden one’s horizons are plentiful and often involve living in different cultures and environments around the world.

The project, past or present, I wish I'd worked on

Falkirk Wheel because it’s iconic, simple and yet complex.

What gets me out of bed every morning?

Great people and big, ambitious projects.

Personal difficulties civil engineering has helped me overcome

It helped guide me towards a focus on physiotherapy and yoga when I was diagnosed with a L4 spinal tumour. Six months later, the tumour was gone with no surgery. Three years later, I was a yoga instructor.

My major projects

Dubai Metro Red & Green Line Above Ground Stations Station Area Planning

Doha Metro Phase 1, Central Planning Office, MMUP

Doha Metro, Gold Line Underground Stations


MEng from UK, MSOA from Paris, stagiaire with BCEOM, graduate with Parkman, and building engineer with Scott Wilson in Zimbabwe.

Specialist PT designer and historic building refurbishment in central London.

Moved to Middle East to become design manager and then project manager and operations manager for Atkins.

In 2003, I was asked to join the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) as its technical director. Representing the UK at the European Rail Agency proved useful in understanding the thought processes elsewhere.

Now country manager for Fugro Qatar Land since late 2018.

My hobbies

Language learning, piano, guitar, Yoga Alliance 200Hr Teacher, PADI Rescue Diver, AIDA 2* Freediver.

The most complex thing I’ve made out of Lego

I vaguely remember building a 3ft-long spaceship to my own design when I was about five years old, no idea how long it took, probably about a day.

Since then, I’ve been very sporadically involved with Lego, most recently for the world’s longest bridge made out of Lego when the exhibit came to the Doha National Library. I’m impressed with Lego’s evolution having helped my twin nephews build a high-tech Lego railway last Christmas.

I want to become a civil engineer.

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