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Discover more about what we do - from supporting expert panels of industry experts across civil engineering, to promoting the next generation of civil engineers - and how you can get involved and support our work.

We support civil engineers and civil engineering technicians

We help the industry learn and share our knowledge, so we can maintain the natural and built environment. We also promote the essential contribution that civil engineers make to society worldwide.

Find out more about what we do and how we work to achieve them.

Communities of practice

Building and structures community

Building and structures

The Structures Expert Panel aims to develop and promote best practice in construction. It also works to influence governmental, legislative and industrial policy.

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Management community


The panel is a joint panel between the ICE and the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES). It works to help and improve management of the built environment.

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Research and development community

Research and development

Have you developed an innovative idea that needs funding to get it off the ground? Are you working on a project that needs financial help to complete?

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ICE Safety, Health and Wellbeing CoP

Safety, Health and Wellbeing

As part of ICE’s Learning Society role this CoP (Community of Practice) aims to be the leading source of expert civil engineering knowledge for practitioners with respect to safety, health and wellbeing.

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Ground engineering community

Ground engineering

The British Geotechnical Association (BGA) specialises in how soil mechanics, rock mechanics and geology are applied to engineering.

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Energy community


Our technical knowledge and expertise covers all disciplines, from nuclear, renewables to fossil fuels.

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Engineering archives community

Engineering archives

Our Archive Panel has expert knowledge in civil engineering history. It advises ICE on how to add to, preserve and promote its archives.

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Geospatial engineering community

Geospatial engineering

Geospatial engineering is all about multi-dimensional mapping and organisation. It's applied in many sectors, and is a particularly important area for asset managers such as local authorities.

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Municipal engineering community

Municipal engineering

The aim of the Municipal Engineering Panel is to create promote the sharing, coordinating and transferring of knowledge for the development and management of urban infrastructure, specifically towns and cities.

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Sustainability community


How to design, engineer and manage projects in tune with environmental, social and economic factors.

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Transport community


The Transport Expert Panel provides the technical expertise and knowledge that supports ICE's activity in the transport sector.

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Resource management community

Resource management

Whether related to waste, energy or building capacity and skills – our grouped expertise cuts across this vast sector.

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Expertise from across the water sector considers issues such as demand management, flood risk and security.

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International development community

International development

The International Development Expert Panel provides the knowledge that supports our activity on infrastructure delivery in developing countries.

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Dispute resolution community

Dispute resolution

The Dispute Resolution panel is responsible for advising on any matter concerned with dispute resolution which may affect ICE and its members.

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Information systems community

Information systems

The Information Systems panel works alongside academia and special interest groups to foster and influence best practice in using information systems.

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Historic engineering works community

Historic engineering works

The panel identifies historical engineering works that are worthy of recording, promoting, and in some cases, preserving for posterity.

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Maritime community


The Maritime Panel provides technical knowledge in key areas such as coastal erosion, flooding, offshore energy, ports and inland navigation.

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Legal affairs community

Legal affairs

The Advisory Panel keeps the field of legal affairs under constant review, and can respond to any matter of interest to ICE and its members.

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  • Specialist Knowledge Societies

    Specialist Knowledge Societies

    The Specialist Knowledge Societies are independent but closely affiliated membership bodies with interests in specialist areas of civil engineering.

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