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Find out which grade of ICE membership you can apply for, based on your academic qualifications.

Our course database contains details on a huge number of undergraduate and masters courses from around the world.

It will be able to tell you whether or not your qualification is accredited by the Engineering Council and therefore eligible for professionally qualified membership.

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International accords

International accords are agreements between engineering organisations in various countries to recognise each other's accredited academic qualifications.

These agreements make it easier for engineers, who are qualified in their home country, to register at the same level with engineering organisations overseas.

The Engineering Council which represents the UK has signed up to three international accords.

They are:

  • The Washington Accord - Recognises accredited qualifications at chartered engineer level
    (For graduates who started their degree programme before the 01 July 2015)
  • The Sydney Accord - Recognises accredited qualifications at incorporated engineer level
  • The Dublin Accord - Recognises accredited qualifications at engineering technician level

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