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ICE Americas

ICE Americas represents members across North America and South America

13 June 2024

This presentation will outline the hydraulic and other factors needed for the sound design of spillway chutes. This will focus mostly on concrete chutes and on both rock and soil foundations. It will also touch briefly on stepped masonry chutes and on the selection of terminal, energy dissipation st…

Design the Antarctic research base so that it can be easily moved if the ice breaks Antarctica is a unique and unspoilt environment, ideal for studying many earth sciences – including ecology, biodiversity and climate change. By 2004 the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) research base Halley V was in d…

20 June 2023
WICE Project

Pavement engineering

Create a surface on which people or animals can move cleanly and efficiently A pavement in everyday English means the footpath at the side of a road. In engineering terms, a pavement means a man-made surface on natural ground that people, vehicles or animals can cross. Any ground surface prepared fo…

20 June 2023

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