• Professional Review preparation

    Written Exercise group, Ashford

    • 07 January, 2020

    The aim of the Written Exercise Group is to promote good practice and prepare candidates for the written exercise element of the Professional Review.

  • Professional Review preparation

    Suffolk written exercise discussion group, Ipswich

    • 14 January, 2020

    The Written Exercise Group is an opportunity to discuss the written exercise themes with other engineers from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Professional Review preparation

    Attributes and CPD workshop, London

    • 20 January, 2020

    Very useful for those using Attributes based Company Approved Training Scheme, Mentor Supported Training Scheme, Career Appraisal or European Directive Route to explain how your experience can meet the ICE requirements. It will discuss the sort of experience required, the amount, level, breadth and depth of experience needed for IEng and CEng.