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ICE and Decarbonisation

Towards net zero for infrastructure

Infrastructure in the UK is responsible for more than half of the UK’s total carbon emissions. As engineers, our responsibility to act is clear.

ICE aims to provide our engineering community with the information needed to understand the net zero challenge, and to meaningfully contribute to reaching the UK’s net zero goal.

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Our work

ICE President Anusha Shah calls for engineers to work in harmony with nature as they ensure that the world has the infrastructure systems it needs to enable our planet and our people to thrive.

ICE is proud to bring together leaders and experts from across the supply chain to tackle some of the challenges that are slowing progress towards net zero.

Governed by the Decarbonisation Community Advisory Board, ICE’s long-term programme of collaborative work on decarbonisation seeks to share knowledge and best practice on delivering low-carbon solutions across the industry.

ICE Carbon Champions

The Carbon Champions initiative celebrates engineers who are making quantifiable carbon savings in their projects. It brings their innovations and efforts to the attention of the wider infrastructure community as a way of spreading great ideas and giving credit where credit is due!

Future Carbon Champions are invited to submit their application.

You can also join the conversation on the Carbon Champions group on LinkedIn - an open forum where civil engineers and other infrastructure professionals from around the world can share ideas, best practices, network, and discuss ways to improve the sustainability of the built environment.

Carbon Champion homepage

Low Carbon Concrete

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials, but it is also a potent source of greenhouse gas emissions accounting for 1.5% of all emissions in the UK.

ICE joined forces with the Green Construction Board’s Low Carbon Concrete Group to produce the Low Carbon Concrete Routemap, which makes a series of recommendations for clients, designers, contractors and suppliers to help drive the carbon out of concrete.

A new UK Concrete Decarbonisation Taskforce, convened by the ICE, will oversee the delivery of the Routemap and will update the report each year and monitor progress across the industry.

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PAS 2080 update

PAS 2080 is a standard for managing carbon in building and infrastructure.

It looks at the whole value chain and aims to reduce carbon and cost through intelligent design, construction and use.

Following a public consultation in summer 2022, an update to PAS 2080 was released in April 2023, and the standard is available for free for the first time.

The ICE has also published guidance to help practitioners follow the standard.

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