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Information sheet

What is BIM?

19 October 2016

Videos and web content that explain the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) - and how it's being used.

What is BIM?

If you are puzzling over Building Information Modelling (BIM) then here are some clear, concise and useful explanations that will help. (Please note, ICE is not responsible for any views expressed by the presenters, which are their own.)

Videos explaining BIM

Bimplicity, an architecture and engineering firm from Barcelona, Spain. This slickly animated video slowly and intelligibly explains the concept of BIM (with Spanish subtitles).

The power of BIM lies in the information

Autodesk, a large software firm. This gives some history of working practices in the AEC sector and highlights the benefits. The power of BIM lies in the information

BIM is a way of working together

Dutch Building Information Counsil (BIR). Useful context to the BIM initiative and explains the standard object library.

BIM is not a piece of software, it's a way to do things

NBS. A series of talking heads explaining what BIM means to them.

NBS BIM Object Standard

NBS National BIM Library. From the software arm of RIBA, an explanation of the legislative imperative for BIM and the National BIM library of free BIM objects - generic and proprietary.

What is BIM?

Redstack, Australian design services company. BIM gets the right information to the right people at the right time.

BIM isn't software

The B1M, video channel for construction professionals. A detailed introduction of what BIM is and isn't and filmed as part of the B1M University series. This lecture is hosted by James Daniel at University of Westminster. (35mins)

BIM is an evolution of the industry and the way we work

The B1M, video channel for construction professionals. Casey Rutland from Arup describes BIM. (18min lecture)

To BIM or not to BIM

University of the West of England Conference: 'To BIM or not to BIM': Anne Kemp, Atkins Global.

Resources on the web

WSP - What is BIM?

UK government - Industrial strategy: government and industry in partnership

NBS - BIM for the Terrified

Tekla - What is BIM?

Aconex - What is BIM?

Further information

All levels: Building Information Modelling (BIM) for civil engineers resources list

ICE BIM Conference. For more information, go to

Intermediate: BIM mandate and BIM in legislation: There is a BIM mandate, how does it work?

Advanced: Overview of the main PAS 1192 documents useful for BIM implementation


If you have a resource or video to add to this list, please send it to [email protected]

  • Charles Jensen, knowledge content producer at ICE